Pet-Proof Your House

Make sure to put cleaners, electrical cords, breakable items and anything else that could be a danger out of harm’s way. Screen any open windows.
If you’ve decided that there will be certain places in your home that your pet is not allowed to go, begin training your pet immediately to avoid these areas.

Obedience Training

If your new pet is a dog, obedience training is a must! Not only does it reinforce the bond between you and your pet, it also helps prevent negative encounters between the dog and others. Ask our office if you need suggestions about where to take your puppy or dog for training.

Designate Places For Eating, Sleeping & Toileting

Set your household and your new pet up for success by deciding in advance where eating, sleeping and bathroom breaks will take place. That way everyone is on the same page, even in the midst of the excitement of your pet’s arrival.
Begin housebreaking your puppy as soon as he or she arrives. Kittens will housebreak themselves if provided with a clean litter box in an easy-to-access location.

Plan For Regular Veterinary Care

A huge part of making sure your pet has a great life with you is ensuring that he or she gets regular veterinary care. Be sure to schedule a wellness check-up with our office soon after your pet comes home, if you haven’t already.